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VERO Heroes was built August 9th 2021 because of a Trademark violation while selling on eBay. It was frustrating and upsetting, but surely someone somewhere has a site to help out resellers, right? Searching the internet, it quickly became clear that this was a big problem AND there wasn’t any real help available.
There wasn’t one site offering free help with the ability to search for VERO claims. Everything available requires resellers to join an expensive “selling program”, drop shipping service, or jump through hoops in the hopes of getting this coveted information. That day something was done about this problem.
The first version of VERO Heroes launched several hours later with 901 companies and products in a searchable format. Today, VERO Heroes remains the only place to search for VEROs and get this information for free. No sign ups, no gimmicks, and absolutely FREE What can you do? Be a VERO Hero. Submit your own VEROs and help build the list.